'The Lost Reindeer'

A new festive audio adventure and co-production between 'The Audio Story Company' & 'Hopscotch Theatre Company' a gift for schools this December.

Designed for Classrooms

Poppy the Elf needs your help!

By listening for clues and paying close attention your pupils will learn all about Reindeer hobbies, how to call them and even about Reindeer poo. 'The Lost Reindeer' is designed by 'The Audio Story Company' to support your pupils attainment in listening and understanding.

We make immersive audio content for kids and big kids alike.

It's got to begin 


Our story is based on love and necessity. The love for our nieces, and the necessity of Lockdown. Remember Lockdown? With our nieces being homeschooled, we wanted to give them an activity which didn't involve looking at a screen and so the very first Audio Story was born.

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You will receive a free audio adventure for your pupils, an activity sheet and super fun poster. It comes with easy instructions and top tips for using it for end of term parties and festive lessons. 

All you need is a device that can play mp3's and some paper to print the activity sheet and poster on.  

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